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All of our software products are marketed under umbrella brand ArkdomSM which is a service mark owned by WCG.

We have a separate website where our wired and wireless Internet products can be found. To visit the website, go to

All of the current and future Arkdom products are aligned with our vision of becoming a global, service-based software company. This vision is supported by three important concepts that underpin our Arkdom products: Componentware, Behind-the-scenes, and Software as a Managed Service.

  • Componentware - Contrary to selling a single, monolithic, and all-encompassing program, we sell niche software components that address specific needs, which can be plugged in to an overall product/solution. Also, our programs themselves are designed in modular components.

  • Behind-the-scenes - A PC is composed of many hardware components, namely CPU, memory, and hard disk. PC manufacturers such as Dell buy these components from 3rd party vendors, integrate, package with their own brand, and then sell to their customers. Therefore, a consumer buying a PC from Dell would be aware of Dell's brand only and not the 3rd party vendors'.

    Another example is W.W. Grainger. Grainger (, a Fortune 500 company with 2001 sales of $4.8 billion, is the leading North American industrial distributor of components used by businesses to maintain, repair, and operate their facilities. Similar to the PC example, the Grainger's customers private-label its components with their products.

    We call the way the 3rd party vendors in the PC example and Grainger do their businesses a behind-the-scenes model, in which we sell our software components exclusively to business entities and allow them to private-label.

  • Software as a managed Service - We sell software as a managed service through ArkdomSM available at Customers use our products on demand and pay a regular subscription fee as opposed to a one-time license fee when they use the products. Bundled with each product is a value-added technical and business services. For example, we provide on-going, customized data updates to the customers who have subscribed to Arkdom PLUS product.

We are continually thinking and working to develop innovative, service-based software components that bring tangible and intangible business values to our customers.